Far Gone: My review

Far Gone: Laura Griffin

Family is precious and our desire to protect them from harm comes naturally to most of us. But, what happens when someone close to you has taken a wrong turn and does not see that their actions might send them on a downward spiral? What happens when they link up with someone so dangerous and so deadly that their every move is controlled by this person, their means of communication shut off and their every thought controlled because they begin to take on the beliefs of this person? What would link a bombing in a University that killed many students to a six year old bank robberies and an unsolved murder of a judge? Did the same person cause the death of a senator’s daughter in a University bombing? What does gun control and signing a bill trying to limit the sales of guns have to do with this man? In Texas where this story takes place anyone can get a gun? Why would a judge and a state senator sign off on a bill to regulate gun control? What about brainwashing, cults and groups that are subversive and against the ideals of our government? Just how dangerous would the world be if someone like Shay Hardin wins the war he has waged? Far Gone: Laura Griffin: The story is about to unfold.


A life threatening decision takes the life of a suspect. Andrea Finch walks in on hostage situation and has no choice but to take out the suspect. Thinking that her actions would be carefully scrutinized but the department would back her up, little does she know that this one incident would send her on a collision course with more twists and turns than the roller coaster in Coney Island.


Andrea’s brother was her best friend growing up but something within him changed. Calling her for money to once again bail him out of some difficult situation she becomes weary of his reasons for needing it and learns about his affiliation with a neo-Nazi who might be responsible for a string of bank robberies in Texas. On a leave of absence from her job, feeling disgraced and hoping to be reinstated why does she avoid seeing the department psychiatrist? Ignoring his request for money Andrea realizes that something about her brother Gavin has changed. Learning about his whereabouts, the Texas border town where he is living and the compound run by a man named Shay Hardin who is linked to more than just the robberies Andrea realizes that she realizes that her brother is involved in more than he is letting on and what Hardin has him doing would not only endanger the lives of others but his life too. Is he being brainwashed into taking on his beliefs and fighting his wars or is there more?


Things begin to heat up when she meets FBI agent Jon North working undercover in Texas. North and his partner Torres are investigating the unsolved murder of a Judge. Although the murder took place six years ago, the link to Hardin, the robberies and Andrea’s brother Gavin seem to be more than just a coincidence. As things heat up between Andrea and North differences come to light and everything changes as more lives are on the line. Hoping to bring Gavin in puts a strain on their relationship. Bringing him in creates a chasm or wide divide that might never be filled in.


Fired from her job Andrea decides to go after a criminal using her instincts and professional experience. But, things change, obstacles are placed in your way and what you think you see is not always what is there.

Elizabeth LeBlanc has been assigned to investigate the bank robberies and comes face to face with more than she bargains for. Just where is Shay Hardin going to strike? Staking out apartments, checking surveillance photos Elizabeth LeBlanc learns very little as every lead falls short. Jon North’s instincts have yet to yield anything. The case is about to go cold, as one photo would change it all and the arrest warrant he needed finally written.


His SAC finally on board, other agents brought in and we learn about inter-agency cooperation and lack of cooperation as Gavin is questioned. Andrea flares up and one important witness disappears. As each message is sent a harsh reality as author Laura Griffin brings to light what happens when one woman cannot face her own demons, rejection and is stubborn. Added in abuse, gun control, betrayals, trust and obstacles that law enforcement officers face every day, this mystery/suspense/ romance novel is chock full of heart stopping moments, bloodthirsty criminals and a man determined to make a bold statement. With two political figures as prime targets and one killer so disciplined, so stanch that he thinks he’s above it all, wait until both Andrea and Jon come face to face with him.


A chase that leaves them cold and four criminals that disappear in front of their eyes. A sociopath that whose anti-government ideology, “just gives him a rationale.” Not a suicide bomber but worse.


Just how far will Andrea go to protect her brother? Will she risk the lives of innocent people to prove that he is innocent? What part does he play in what Hardin has planned? As the FBI, police, Andrea and other agencies converge on one killer will they be able to identify stop him before it’s too late? A plot so deadly that it would make the Oklahoma bombing and bomber pale in comparison as author Laura Griffin takes readers into the mind of a serial/psychopath killer with a vendetta against the government and anyone standing in his way. Not a place but people that’s who he’s after. The death of the Senator’s daughter, anyone close to him and finally the main event. Simple one-line messages: What do they mean? When Elizabeth is kidnapped, tortured and finally gets free wills he be able to face her captors and take them down? Will they go unpunished? With the technology described within the pages of this novel the author allows readers to learn just how far we have to hide in plain sight. A truck bomb that would kill and a vendetta against one man that but would Andrea, Joe and the rest of the team be able to stop them in time?


A young girl so angry she could not see what was right in front of her and her brother whose vision was clouded he just might take another wrong direction. Will Andrea face her own demons? Will she get her job back? What about her relationship with Jon and her brother Gavin? Will this outstanding five star author bring Jon and Andrea back to work another case? Stubborn, hot headed and definitely no one to take fore granted Andrea Finch is one force to be reckoned with. A mystery/suspense, romance novel that will keep readers, as did it me, glued to the printed page until you find out if the bombs are exploded, if Andrea and Jon create their own fireworks and just how FAR GONE will things go before they come to a permanent head?

Fran Lewis: reviewer


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