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The Self-Publisher’s FAQ

Author: Jacqueline Church Simonds

You’ve written your first book. Whether it is a novel, self-help, non-fiction or children’s book there are many decisions that need to made before that book appears on Amazon.com or any other online bookseller’s site. Where do you start? How do you begin? The answer is really simple: By reading The Self-Publisher’s FAQ and deciding what type of self-publisher you want to be, how much effort you are willing to put into getting a first rate book out there and learning just what it takes to publish a book.

There are many FAQ’s that people ask but the first are related to some basic decisions that need to be asked: Basic questions such as: “Is this book going to be for friends, family and/or a small market? If you think you have written the Great American novel, understand that fiction is hard to…

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