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I am Amelia Earhart: Brad Meltzer

Amelia Earhart was a daredevil from the moment she could walk. Wearing dresses and acting all girly was not her thing. In her memory Brad Meltzer has written this outstanding tribute to this amazing aviator. Amelia Earhart did things that would stupefy, mystify and enrage of grandmother. Imagine at seven creating and building her your own roller coaster in your back year. See what she constructed as illustrator Christopher Eliopoulos brings the roller coaster to life in living color. But, not everyone thought this was a great idea. Her brother questioned what she was doing and even more was this thing going to be safe? Okay: so she was going to ride this thing even though it was built and housed at the top of her small shed in her backyard. Get ready to see Amelia take her first flight. She was flying but…

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