Some Lights Will Never go Out! Night Crossing: Join Alexander Wainwright on htis journey

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Night Crossing: Mary Martin

Within the soul of Alexander Wainwright lives a passion, a light so strong that is guides his hands and movements as he draws his paintbrush across the open canvas to create images that will come alive. Rage, frustration, memories of the past and a special light that emanates from every picture or drawing is more than just his trademark, it’s Alexander. Visions come into play and what he sees often guides his mood, his work and his passion as the sight of something special, unique and rare comes into focus as he tosses the pallet of paints against his canvas and the end result is magical. A cosmic egg so vibrant, filled with colors and a light so strong shines for seconds and then disappears. What could this mean as he hides the picture of the farmer whom he dared to awaken in the middle of…

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