The Lost Island: My review

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The Lost Island: Preston and Child

Illusions, diversions, distractions and greed are just some of what Gideon Crew is capable of engineering when hired to complete a mission or job. Greed at times pushes him through or eggs him on, creating diversions, distractions and illusions are his fortes when getting what he wants. Gideon Crew works for Effective Engineering Solutions. Imagine working for a company that prides itself on dealing with failure analysis. Eli Ginn is the mind behind this venture and living in a wheelchair, unable to walk is what spurred him on to hire Gideon for a special mission to find a simple plant located in the Caribbean. This plant, the lotus plant is said to have special powers to heal any illness, affliction or disease that has befallen anyone. But, how do you get the plant and just how many lives will be sacrificed in order to…

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