The Serpent Bearer

The Serpent Bearer.



Empty Shell

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Empty Shell: Ashley Fontainne

How do you define yourself as a person? Do you rise every morning feeling invigorated and ready for whatever the day brings? Do you wake up depressed and want to remain in bed? Some people develop their own private cocoon and hide within the confines of this small empty space and live their lives with what if’s, what should have’s and feeling empty.

Take the outer shell of an egg that is not hard-boiled and hold it gently in your hands so the shell does not crack. Imagine how fragile and delicate this object is and what would happen if it should fall to the floor. Sometimes we feel so overwhelmed, so distraught and destitute that we as a person with a stronger outer covering become as fragile as the white egg shell and have to be careful not to crack.

Melody Dickerson is a 43-year-old…

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Mary Elizabeth Harrington: My review

Mary Elizabeth Harrington: My review.



Phantom Limb

Phantom Limb.

HIdden Truths and A Man’s Life in the Marines

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Dyslexic Dick: True Adventures of My World.Dyslexic Dick II: The Marine Corps Truly Uncommon Experience (Volume Richard “Dick” W. Kraemer

• Sometimes the pressures of school, family and life can take a certain stronghold on a young person and cause them to make decisions that they often regret. Richard Kraemer was not you A student and although he tried school and high school did not seem to fit into his future. Thinking about his future and knowing that his father would not allow him to just sit around and do nothing he decided to enlist in the army. But, his father would not agree and insisted that he join the Marines or stay in school. Four more years of High School did not fit into what our author wanted for himself nor did he realize that his academic problems stemmed from the fact that he was Dyslexic. But, what do…

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Powerboat Racer: My review

Powerboat Racer: My review.


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When rare photos, a scandalous diary, and a beautiful woman all go missing at once, the stage is set for three challenging cases for Henry Swann. It begins with an offer to partner up with his slovenly, unreliable frenemy, Goldblatt. The disbarred lawyer-turned-“facilitator” would provide the leads and muscle, while Swann would do all the fancy footwork. A lost diary by a free-loving Jazz Age flapper is worth enough to someone that Swann takes a beat down on an abandoned boardwalk. Pilfered photos of Marilyn Monroe propel him deep into the past of an alcoholic shutterbug, his wife; and he’s hired to search for a lonely writer’s runaway girlfriend. The cases converge and collide in a finale that lifts the curtain on crucial, deadly facts of life for everyone including Swann himself.
Charles Salzberg is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in Esquire, New York magazine, Elle, Good…

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Garden Safari: Vegetable Soup
Authors: Eluka Moore, Larry Puzniak and Marianne Welsh

Illustrated by: Kristen Gau

Close your eyes and take in the amazing aromas of the incredible ingredients that have been added to some simples stock to make vegetable soup created by some very special kids. Join the adventure, grab your own basket of vegetables and follow along as the Kitchen Club Kids invite you on this special mission. Calling all kids that love a good mission and adventure to come outside to this garden tilled with fresh vegetable to cook. Check out the amazing illustrations helping the project and the garden come alive. Take your basket, theirs being red, and let’s go on this Garden Safari along with the Kitchen Club Kids and check out what they decided to start with: First and foremost they needed a pot. A big one! How about two yellow onions that will…

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