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Enemy in the Heartland: Stephen Paul Schwertley

Within the walls of many businesses, the streets we you walk each day, your next door neighbor or even the pharmacist that fills your prescriptions there are people that pretend to be part of our society. Some are pilots while others work their magic in the field of medicine, computers or in the air as pilots. They could be your next-door neighbor or your son or daughter’s roommate in college. As you meet the numerous characters within this novel and listen to their stories and learn what they do you will have to decide which ones to trust and which are Enemies within our own heartland. Thirteen college friends decided with the help of one man to create an act of violence and revenge upon the United States. Evil takes its time and sometimes like a bad infection that turns deadly it can…

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Take a trip back in time when young women were denied many freedoms and some had to live within the confines of their father’s rule. Adira learned at an early age that in order to remain with her father after her mother died she would have to be raised as a male child. Called Adir, Adira learned to adjust to the life of a young boy taught many basic skills, being part of her father’s caravan, learning how to deal with trade negotiations, able to speak many languages and understand her plight in life. Learning to cope with the loss of a parent is difficult and having to deal with the caravan’s cook would instruct her in the true meaning of hard work, loss and trying to fit in. With no brothers or sisters and only a father to guide her she…

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Let the five golden stars Shine for this book

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Author, Artist and Anyone’s Personal Marketing Guide: Rico Austin

Promoting your books is not an easy task and wanting to achieve success comes with hard work, being diligent and knowing getting the help you need. But, for those that do not want to spend thousands on marketing packages, publicity packages and want a heads up on the current ways to get yourself out there you might want to invest in this outstanding resource to help get you started.

Author Rico Austin begins with blogging in Chapter One and includes why he recommends, and I have to concur, WordPress and Weebly as two sites to begin your blogs. Writing a post daily, letting people know about your work, your books and anything that interests you is one to begin self-promotions. When adding information about your books you should add tags that describe the subject area and if writing a blog you…

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The Enemy Inside: My review

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The Enemy Inside: Steve Martini

Within the world there are many who think they are exempt from the rules. Dealing with foreign sources, placing their money in offshore accounts and feeling immune to the federal regulations, rules and guidelines that American Taxpayers have to adhere to, there are those that think they can evade scrutiny. Chasing citizens that have money in offshore banks the Internal Revenue Service and the U.S. Treasury Department became relentless in their quest to uncover where these funds were, whom they belonged to and finding where these numbered accounts were. Many of the people with these numbered accounts dodged the taxpayer bullet and did not report their deposits or income earned. Just how did they get away with this and where did all of this money come from is the basis for the plot of this book.

Alex Ives got blindsided by a beautiful face. Lured…

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IN MEMORY OF ELIZABETH MONTGOMERY: A SPECIAL SPOTLIGHT POST ON JUST REVIEWS: ELIZABETH WOULD HAVE BEEN 82 on APRIL 15th and in her memory Herbie J Pilato requested that I highlight her work, career, life and his interviews with her, his books and his biography:

I begin this tribute with several interviews by Herbie J. Pilato which highlight her career and answers many questions that fans, viewers and even fellow actors might want answered.


As the author of two biographies about Bewitched star Elizabeth Montgomery, the original Bewitched Book that was later revised as Bewitched Forever, and the new book, Glamour, Gidgets and the Girl Next Door: Television’s Iconic Women From the 50s, 60s and 70s (which also features a profile of Elizabeth), I befriended the beloved actress a few years before she passed away…

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Deceived: Laura Wharton

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Deceived: Laura Wharton

Sometimes life can be unpredictable and the outside façade of a person hiding their real persona. When stopping at a small convenience store, Detective Sam McClellan and his partner, Lee, never expect the end result. A bag of Fritos would cost Lee his life as someone decided to take a shot at Lee while in Sam’s car. Imagine seeing your best friend and partner blown to pieces and having to deal with more than just the fall out. Finding his way back to his home, a houseboat, Sam finds himself facing even more destruction. Someone has targeted him but why? Someone has ransacked his boat leaving him to wonder what he or she were looking for and what he might know that would cause this to happen. But, although some would think that this is a drive by shooting and a case of being in the wrong…

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Behind the Red Door

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Behind the Red Door: Clayton Bye

Before you open the door and find out what is behind it understand that your world as you see it now will never be the same. The people that you meet, their stories that you will hear and the endings that they meet will not only startle you, surprise you but help you to understand that their world is really not that much different than yours in some respects. Behind the Red Door is a compilation of original stories each with its own theme, message and story yet each linked in some way. The sadness, the tragedies, the deceits, lies and deceptions are there but each main character often justifies his/her actions and the end result is not always what you expect.

A young boy has to cope with a mother who uses her children for food. How does this child survive? In the…

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Regina Shen: Resilience

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Regina Shen: Resilience

Within the world created by author Lance Lrlick your thoughts are not your own, your ability to fend for yourself is decided by others and freedom of speech and many liberties are only afforded to those who rule. Young people are placed in schools within a cast system, given jobs that most would never be able to endure or accomplish and those that are deviant, deviate from the norm are often eliminated or severely punished. Imagine living in a world where information is filtered by those that are in charge, books cannot be read if what they offer differs from their beliefs, and schools are aloud to impart knowledge that those that are considered wiser allow. Trying to learn more than you are supposed to learn and teaching young minds to flourish is not allowed. But, Regina Shen is unique and possesses qualities that often get her…

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Trauma: Michael Palmer and Daniel Palmer

Within the pages of this emotionally charged novel many people will experience traumas in different ways. Some in response to an event that has left them devastated, maimed or even in denial of the events that led up to experiencing this trauma. People can go into shock; their emotions can become unpredictable, flashbacks to events that trigger behaviors that are violent and physical systems that hamper their daily lives. Many of the characters you will meet in this novel will experience traumas that most of us might not be able to handle. The authors did extensive research on combat Post-traumatic stress disorder which many men and women that having served in the military suffer from when reentering society. Some find it hard to cope with reality. Others become despondent, violent and often imagine they are still at war. Many veterans suffer despite the help…

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The Sins of Castel du Mont

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The Sins of Castel du Mont: Rosemary Bracco Greenaum Kohler

Within the calls of this ancient Castel there are many secrets that are about to be revealed and lives that were controlled, changed and destroyed by the many inhabitants of this magnificent castel. As the author relates the story of her birthplace she unfolds the many different secrets, sins, betrayals, lies and deceits that will forever haunt her, the reader and the ghosts that lie within the walls. The inhabitants lived in stone house outside. An even higher wall surrounded the castel’s walls and the totaling fireplaces that were installed warmed most of the rooms. But, in 1895 where our story begins we meet the Parisian , Count Du Pons, a famous fighter of royal blood and we shall learn more about this man, the love of his life and how they met and what happens when a jealous rage…

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