The Sins of Castel du Mont

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The Sins of Castel du Mont: Rosemary Bracco Greenaum Kohler

Within the calls of this ancient Castel there are many secrets that are about to be revealed and lives that were controlled, changed and destroyed by the many inhabitants of this magnificent castel. As the author relates the story of her birthplace she unfolds the many different secrets, sins, betrayals, lies and deceits that will forever haunt her, the reader and the ghosts that lie within the walls. The inhabitants lived in stone house outside. An even higher wall surrounded the castel’s walls and the totaling fireplaces that were installed warmed most of the rooms. But, in 1895 where our story begins we meet the Parisian , Count Du Pons, a famous fighter of royal blood and we shall learn more about this man, the love of his life and how they met and what happens when a jealous rage…

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Publicity From the Trenches: Sherri Rosen

Jon Taffer and Robert Irvine both create miracles for both failing bars and restaurants. Jon creates a new bar, with a perfect brand, realizes the demographics of what is needed and focuses on the target population where the bar is located.  Robert Irvine with his design team will come in and do the same with a failing restaurant. Providing hands on help to improve customer service in the front of the house and creating a menu that will   target the population where the restaurant is located.  Both of these men create something for bar owners or restaurant owners and a great publicist can do the same for an author who has written his /her first novel, memoir, inspirational book, book with a message or self-help book. Creating a campaign that would match your target audience, your potential readers and much more is the job…

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