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Acqua Morta: Adam Bane

Creating a plot for a suspense novel requires creativity, ingenuity and the ability to draw readers into your story from the first word on the first page. But, this particular novel is unique unto itself as it is not only plot driven but the author has created scenes that he vividly and graphically depicts, characters and descriptions that allows readers to mentally picture the character in his/her mind and recreating events that make you feel that you are taking part in the action along with the characters. Added in he allows readers to feel every emotion, every physical change, every weather related feeling that would cause the character to have some type of stress or discomfort. Plus any physical disability that would hamper that character is described.

Taking a “ deep breath before turning to face the man who would replace him as head of Squadra…

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New York To The Smokies by Wayne Zurl virtual book tour on Pump Up Your Book.

Pump Up Your Book Presents From New York To The Smokies Virtual Book Publicity Tour

Book Description:

Author Wayne Zurl is back with his popular Sam Jenkins Mysteries SeriesFrom New York To The Smokies is a 5 book anthology collection from the Sam Jenkins Mysteries Series!


Seventeen-year-old Sam Jenkins is busy fishing and falling in love with a girl named Kate. But with a father involved with the union and a divorced mother, Sam often finds himself acting like the adult of the family. During a fishing trip off Long Island, Sam overhears a conversation involving dangerous plans that can land his dad in jail. To keep his father out of prison, Sam teams up with detectives from the county’s rackets bureau and enlists the help…

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