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Witches Protection Program: Michael Phillip Cash

Witches exist and they are always around you just might not see them. Now, don’t think I am just making it up because we all know that there are people who practice witchcraft and some are good and others well just wait and see as a 232 year old secret government organization called the Witches Protection Program goes into action to unravel and unmask what a billion dollar Cosmetic mogul is trying to do in order to gain world domination. Wes Rockville are star who was disgraced and given this one fabulous last chance by his father to salvage what is left of his law enforcement agent’s career to help protect the heiress to the throne of this company from what her aunt Bernadette Pendragon has in store for the world. A facial cream and other products that Morgan her young niece and heiress…

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‘My Prison Without Bars…The Journey of a Damaged Woman: Taylor Fulks

Parents are supposed to nurture and love their children and protect them from predators and anyone that would endanger them. But, what happens when a three-year-old child who is helpless, afraid and terrified of the one man who claims he loves her learns the real meaning of hate, fear, control and a truly sick definition of love. How was she supposed to understand what this demented and sick man was doing to her? How could her mother not notice the change in her behavior? Living within the confines of her room and the four walls that she felt closed her in, Taylor Fulks realized that she had no where to go. Whether living in a prison cell without a lock and key or hiding within herself and trying to block out what was being done to her how could…

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