Some stories need to be told: This one is exceptional

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Mark W. Sasse’s: Love Story for a Nation

Once in a lifetime you might meet the one person that makes you complete. What happens to Gerald Sanpatri is heartbreaking, joyous and yet horrific as he life takes on a desperate change when the land he lives in is no longer his own. What do you do when others control where you work, how you live and deny citizens health care and the basic necessities of life? What do you do when you fear for your life each time you go to work? Gerald Sanpatri learned that his wife of one year was having their child and he was joyous. But, he woke up late the next morning and did not arrive at the bank where he was a guard on time. Needless to say he was berated, chastised and placed on a longer run at guard duty and treated as…

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