Stinking Rich: Rob Brunet

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Stinking Rich: Rob Brunet
Some sons will work extra jobs or find someway to make life easier for their parents. Danny Grant wanted to make sure that someday his mother would be able to live in a warmer climate. But, school was not his thing. Hard work not really so Danny Grant decided to target his energies in a vocation that he thought was lucrative and would make him solvent: SELLING POT AND OTHER ASSORTED WEED! Pulling scams, stealing, making a few quick bucks he never expected to get the dream job of a lifetime getting hired to be the overseer you might say of a big wade of marijuana for a biker gang. Not caring or knowing who hired him made little difference since using his cell phone to get his orders would make it easier. How hard could it be to make sure that the weeds or plants…

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The Euthanist

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The Euthanist: Alex Dolan

You have just been given a diagnosis that is a death sentence. Some illnesses have no cure and therefore the end result is death. Others might be forestalling with treatments and yet some might be too painful to endure. There are many who opt out of life and decide that they cannot deal with what lies ahead. They might decide to enlist the aid of a doctor or euthanist to assist in what some call a physician-assisted suicide or doctor-assisted dying suicide or mercy killing. This type of death means to take the person’s life by their consent and it is a deliberate action with the intent to end their pain. But, what happens when the person is in a coma and cannot speak for themselves and someone wants to end their suffering? What happens if this person would rather fight for life and has no…

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