Devil’s Harbor

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Devil’s Harbor: Alex Gilly

No two people often see an incident in the same way. Different slants, angles and even lighting can change a person’s perspective when reporting or seeing something happening. Marine Interdiction Agent Nick Finn saw what he thought was a boat, using his night vision goggles and trying to make contact with the person on board. But, not everyone follows protocol and thinking the person had something in his hand, possibly a weapon, he warned the suspect to put his hands but instead he fired what appeared to be an AK 47 but no one could be sure. The breeze or wind pushed a ring of smoke in front of the man and Finn’s visibility to see him clearly was gone. His only option was to take a chance and shoot him, which he did. But, was this a legitimate kill or would it land him in…

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The Hanging Tree: Hear the voices of the spirits

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The Hanging Tree: Michael Phillip Cash

Young girls after reading The Hanging Tree will hopefully come away with some lessons in life that might protect them from mistreatment, being used and forced into situations that they normally should never consider. All too often not every young teenage boy but some will use his looks, his desires and his ability to persuade a young teenage girl to give in to his own personal wishes stating that if she really cares for him she won’t say know. But, also knowing full well that when she does he will move on to the next. Teenager Arielle and her boyfriend Chad decide to take their relationship to the next step. Promising that she would not back out on him and hoping that she would give him to his male wishes, Chad does not deal well with Arielle’s change of heart. Before leaving for their…

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