Murder Across the Ocean

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Murder Across the Ocean: Charlene Wexler

Old flames are sometimes what the doctor ordered but in this case Lori Brill’s teenage boyfriend Josh Wheeler comes back into her life in an unexpected way. Meeting him at an airport on her way to visit her granddaughter in London, she becomes enamored once more, finds her way to his hotel room and rekindles an old flame. But, Lori’s night of passion with Josh although exciting would turn into something that would embroil her in a police investigation with Lori as the prime suspect. Finding her way to the Palace Hotel in London little does she know that she would be the object of an investigation that would take her into the offices of Scotland Yard and in front of an FBI agent who is relentless, rude and determined to pin the death of Josh Wheeler on Lori. While taking a shower someone…

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