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BetterNot! And the Tale of Bratsville: Gene Del Vecchio

Children need to understand that showing respect to their elders and their others is important. But, what would happen if you lived in a town where the children refused to listen? What would you do if every time you asked your child not to hit,t lie or steal they ignored your wishes and did as they please? The children of the families in Bratsville were out of control and really needed someone to teach them somr serious lessons in respect, morals and values.

The problems that the parents faced were just the tip of the iceberg. Some children slurped their drinks to the point that you could hardly hear yourself talk or think. Some ate so much food it’s amazing that they never got sick. Others shouted so loud that you could hear them miles away. Children often fight but some…

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Ellie Goes back to School

Ellie Goes Back to School: Marci and Elle Fair

Co-author Photographer: Marci Fair

Assistant Editor: Chloe Fair

Cover and Layout design: Cornelia G. Murariu

Going back to school can be difficult for many children whether they are in elementary school, middle school or even high school. New teachers, new friends and new classes can often be overwhelming. Although this book is meant for younger children and the two main characters attend different classes, younger and older children can benefit from Ellie and Pudgy’s experiences. Teachers are special and they try as I did to make every student stand out and feel they are capable of doing just about anything if they try really hard. So, Ellie and Pudgy greet the day having a great breakfast, packing their back packs and heading off for the first day of school. Even as a student I loved going back to school, seeing my friends, meeting new ones and of course the teachers. As an educator I loved meeting my new students and starting the year off on a positive note. I guess I will always be the virtual student and educator.

Ellie and Pudgy are best friends and the greatest part of this adventure is that they are doing it together. It’s great when friends are in the same class. But, they remember they are there to learn and not socialize. Arriving at the school they wonder what is in store for them! The door to their classroom is high so they will have to try real hard to open it and enter their classroom before the bell rings.

The teacher has a great welcome sign and Ellie sharpens her pencil and is ready when the teacher begins the lessons about numbers and measurement. How cool is that! Of course I wish I could have sat in for the lessons on shapes and the one about the countries around the world. But, my favorite lessons would be in reading and of course raiding the bookshelves for tons of books to read in class and take home.

Being kind and friendly both Ellie and Pudgy made new friends during free time. There is Boo the Bunny, Ron the Gecko and many others. Wait until you see that Ellie does for the Geicko. Boy, wait until you enter the library and see all of the wonderful books. Wish I was there !

Using their imaginations after reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears, they each found a perfect chair. Better hope Goldilocks doesn’t show up! “ The more you read the more things you will know.” Dr. Seuss. So very true!

Gym class was great but if you want to know that they did read pages 18-19 to find out. But, exercise can bring on your appetite wait until you join them for lunch. Now, being a music major my other favorite class would be music. I played all of the string instruments and excelled in violin. But, the bongos sound like fun and to play the tuba requires skill. Of course every student’s favorite part of the day is recess. Join them outside on pages 24-25. But, sometimes not everyone feels welcome and both Ellie and Pudgy know how it feels to not have a best friend. Learn more about the Buddy Bench, how it works and who they helped join in their fun.

Did they have a great day? Are they excited about tomorrow and the next day? The only way you will find out is to read the exciting ending of the book and join them on their ride home.

The authors created a book that will help students that are apprehensive about the first day of school and might need some encouragement. Remember! School is exciting and it opens up new worlds every time you enter your classroom and learn the many things your teacher shares with you. So, read this wonderful book. Enter the school and join Ellie and Pudgy on their first day and create your own first day of schoolbook to share with your friends and family. Have a great year!

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