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Sometimes life can take you on a different path that you would never have traveled. Fate plays a part in things that happen or some think that some type of divine intervention can alter events or help you deal with something tragic or difficult. What would you do if you were riding in your car and all of a sudden you thought or knew you were going to die? How would you handle it? Would you say a prayer? Would you pray that something or someone would save you? Author Ivy Adjivon shares her experience with readers as she enters her car, travels on a highway walled on both sides by cornfields. Riding she was dead center “ in the middle of the intersection.” She saw a white car coming straight at her! The details she describes are quite remarkable as she relates…

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WHAT YOU SEE: Hank Phillippi Ryan

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What You See! Hank Phillippi Ryan

Two people watching a movie might not view it or remember it the same way. Reading a book and reviewing it can bring different insights to what the author is trying to say and the message they want to convey. No two people see, read or even hear things the same way and often when asked to repeat events as they happened the stories or accounts are different or even conflicting. Imagine what happens when during the lunch rush in a congested or crowded area someone decides to stab someone in the back with a knife and although there are many witnesses no one really sees or can recount what happens. What You See! Hank Phillippi Ryan brings these questions into account: What happens when you witness a murder? Can you or anyone else explain in detail exactly what you saw? What about pictures…

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