Friction: Sandra Brown

Within this world there are people that will rub you the wrong way, create conflict and even differ in how they handle situations or deal with ideas that do not mirror their own. Dissention or conflict of this nature is called Friction and within this novel you will meet several characters that will do more than rub each other the wrong way, create dangerous situations, have problems dealing with what they encounter and learn the true meaning of the word.

Crawford Hunt is the first character we meet, as he is about to enter a courtroom hoping that with some luck and miracle to regain custody of his daughter. With his in-laws as adversaries and his past coming to haunt him the likelihood is not very good but adhering to all of the court’s mandates and counseling required he just might have a chance. But, Crawford Hunt is smart, a Texas Ranger but the conflicts and discord that he faces and the infighting that occurs within himself just might weaken his position on many levels. A clash of wills, temperaments opinions will lead the way as he enters the courtroom of Judge Holly Spencer and what happens will not only surprise readers but haunt him. But, first flash back to the Prologue where we meet the judge, witness a murder scene and see a dead body in the back of her car. Friction: Sandra Brown: Can you feel the intense pull? Like two rough surfaces rubbing against each other or a force that opposes motion. Rub your hands together. The faster you rub your hands they will feel warmer which illustrates a form of friction called sliding friction. As we enter the courtroom and the proceedings begin the players are in place and the excitement is about to ensue.

When court is called to order and his in-laws Grace and Joe are called to the stand, Crawford listens as the judge does too until it’s his turn. Coming up to the stand, answering the questions he hopes she will side with him. But, no one could foretell what would happen next as a gunman dressed as a painter with a mask over his face enters the courtroom and although his target was the judge the life of the bailiff is snuffed out as Crawford saves the life of the judge in more than just a heroic move.

Going after the would be killer he encounters him on the roof of the courthouse and tries to talk him down. But, events escalate and the killer is shot. Jose Rodriguez is the man that is killed but when things settle down, and Crawford is questioned by the police and then asked to join forces and be part of the investigation a startling revelation is made.

Things start to heat up even further when Crawford views the body of the killer and realizes that they killed the wrong man. A simple thing as an ear being pierced or not pierced changed the complexion of the investigation and Sergeant Neal Lester the man in charge of the case was more than unhappy, as you will learn during his conversations with Crawford. Added in Holly is determined to stay in the limelight to some extent in order to resume her campaign, win the election and not cower under the pressure. Added in author Sandra Brown allows readers into the mind of Joe Gilroy and his determination to prevent Crawford from gaining custody of his daughter using any means he can.

The spotlight falls on many different suspects including the Gilroys, Holly’s ex-boyfriend Dennis White, every single person that entered the courthouse that day and anyone else that might have been in the gallery. Hundreds were being requestionned and many others might fall through the cracks as a killer is at large and only author Sandra Brown can create the suspense, instill the fear in the characters before letting readers know who was behind the entire plot to kill Holly and why.

As more evidence comes to light another person comes forward claiming to do his civic duty when in actuality he has another agenda. Charles Otterman is a powerful man in the oil industry and those around him often acquiesce to his wishes. A powerful man who thinks he’s above the law meeting with Crawford sort of puts him on notice as he claims not to know Jorge Rodriguez but when viewing him the morgue Crawford knows he lied. Added in Crawford decides to leak the information about Otterman, ignites a huge flame and anger in Neal Lester and then what follows is someone that has decided to gain more than just revenge on Crawford but force the courts to take away his daughter. A video sent to his cell phone forces him to break the TRO order and confront his father in law. Returning home he finds his daughter’s room vandalized and calls Holly to warn her that he has a tail on him and pictures were taken that might ruin them both. Who is behind this? Who wants to hurt Crawford and send him back to the bottle and more? Just why would anyone want to hurt him and how does the shooting come into play? Why is he now a prime suspect?

Someone wants Crawford out of the way and when Otterman threatens Smitty the man who owns the strip club and the killer is revealed just who is behind the entire plot and who was the real target will surprise readers? Just what kind of power does Otterman have and what happens when Crawford asks his father in law for one last favor? The Friction between him and Joe is quite strong and the electric charge is quite potent as Crawford races the clock, tries to protect his daughter and hopes to stop what someone has already set in place.

When the pieces are revealed a secret will come out that might change what happens between Holly and Crawford but others too. An ending that has several twists and surprises and a relationship that might never happen if one man gets his way. What happens when a father just wants to protect his daughter? How far will Crawford go? Lives are at stake and one police sergeant refuses to see the light. Will it be too late or will Crawford create such a stir that there will be no way that the end result will cause more Friction? What happens when a father risks it all? Find out when you read this five star novel with quite a few punches you won’t see coming, twists that are unique and brilliantly crafted and a main character who is relentless, persistent and won’t stop until he take down all the obstacles in his path. Will Holly stick by him? What about Marilyn her campaign manager? Just how far will she go to get a win for her client? Friction: There’s plenty of it within this novel.

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