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I Wish I Was A Brownie

Chocolate Chip cookies are really quite delicious but Cliffy Chippy Cliffy is not happy about being made of chocolate chips. Living with his parents, three brothers and three sisters Chiffy was the youngest. But, Chiffy really loves his dog, Rockwell who is cute, friendly and really his very best friend. But, Chiffy was really unhappy and did not smile. He never socialized during school or even after school. He lamented and pondered how it would be if he could change himself into a Brownie! Kids often feel isolated and alone and sometimes they keep these feelings to themselves and parents do not always realize that they are going through some type of inner turmoil.

When Chippy was in school and his teacher called in him to read he thought for a moment, looked around and just froze. When kids get nervous or feel threatened…

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A Bullet for the Ghost Whisperer

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A Bullet for the Ghost Whisperer: Stan Schatt

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an angel or spirit protecting us when things get out of place or we are in trouble? Wouldn’t it be nice to have psychic powers that would enhance our abilities and enable us to be alerted to trouble, illness or sense when someone is going to hurt us? That would be great but unfortunately not everyone has this ability or a guardian spirit. Josh Harrell is a columnist and reporter for the Midnight Whisperer. Josh is a psychic and had a ghostly assistant named Andy who comes to his rescue and that of others just when needed. She is beautiful, smart and uses her abilities to often save more than just Josh.

Frankie Ryan is a police detective who has just caught an unusual case. The CEO of a startup company has been killed and her…

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Switchback: Catherine Anderson

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Switchback: Catherine Anderson

Fear is something that everyone knows and experiences. But, the worst kind of fear is one that you cannot control and do not see coming. Mallory Christiani is the mother of a young child named Emily who is staying with her friend while she visits her father in law in the hospital. Although the friend is watching her daughter somehow she manages to wander off and is taken by a diabolical killer that will stop at nothing to get what he wants and that is where things heat up. Entering her father in law’s hospital room she realizes that he cannot speak. Learning that her daughter might be missing more than heartbreaking. Bud Mac Phearson is a private investigator that Keith her father in law hired to protect her. But, before she can even learn his real name and trust him things spiral out of control. Bud…

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Doris McCurry: Hypocrites

One evening would change the life of Dinah Carter forever. Attending an event at City Hall that she meets Anthony Farese the owner of a lucrative construction company. Taken with her even before he hears her voice or says hello, he is determined at all costs to make Dinah his. Dealing with an inattentive husband claiming to be sidetracked and concerned about work and projects that he has in the works, Dinah finds herself not only attracted to Anthony but also flattered by his compliments and attention. Little did Dinah know that from that point on her life would be different, someone would orchestrate her comings and goings and one man would leave her lift and another attempt to control it. Hypocrites: Doris McCurry: After reading this novel you will understand how people who pretend to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs or live by their principles…

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Forgiving Mariela Camacho

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Forgiving Mariela Camacho

Creating a better life and hoping to gain their freedom many leave their home countries. Within these groups of people are different cultures many ethic groups. How some go about it is the center of this novel. Each person’s life within the pages of this multi-cultural novel spans many decades and generations. The voices are different. The languages and customs many but the goals ultimately the same. Z

Life brings many changes and people into our lives, harts and minds. Sometimes those people remain with us forever and other times circumstances arise that rip them form our lives but never from our hearts and minds. Tolya Kuchenko and Pete Gonzalvez walked into a crime scene that would haunt them both forever. Relationships, friendships and pasts that some would rather keep hidden are now brought out and spotlighted. As both detectives walk into the room with the victim…

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A chessboard has many pieces each one moving in its own path or direction. Pawns can move forward while others can move diagonally, side to side or even backwards. Champion chess players know how to manipulate their opponents into thinking that they just might win. But, most know the game really well and use the board, the pieces and the moves to overtake the one piece that no one wants to lose: THE KING! End of Game! Authors Catherine Coulter and J.T. Ellison create their specific moves in the title of each chapter. A true master will understand the strategies and will make sure that they follow the path to the win. Each chapter of this complex novel places the players in a vulnerable position as the authors create moves on a chessboard leading to the win for one opponent at the end.
Gold coins are the primary weapons within…

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A Ghostly Murder: Tonya Kappes

Emma Lee Raines has an extra talent or maybe you won’t agree: Some think she is going crazy as the owner and proprietor of Eternal Slumber Funeral Home often seen talking to what appears as herself when in reality it is a deceased person. Now, you might ask just how is this possible. Well! It’s really simple! If someone that is no longer a part of this world happens to feel that he/she was murdered they embark on a simple quest to make themselves visible to you guessed it: Emma Lee Raines hoping that she will find the killer and help them to the other side. But, first she needs to learn the facts, find the evidence and hunt down the person who is responsible for making this person what she called the Betweener. Mamie Sue Preston left a million dollars to her church but…

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