Easter Sunday

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Easter Sunday: Thomas Holliday

A letter sent to a 12-year boy on his birthday sends him on running away from his father and all that he knows. Anger sets in and what was written in the letter changed everything for Bobby. Trying to run after his son, Hank, decides to let him go on his way. But, the events that follow would haunt him forever. Every parent’s nightmare when his child goes missing. Bobby Green wandered off and found himself in a lost cave beneath a water-drenched swamp of Chesapeake Bay. Hank is terrified, unable to focus at first and then with the aid of Sammy, the chief of the fire department and his team they hope that they can rescue Bobby before an Easter Sunday storm takes more than just his son’s life. What Bobby received within the envelope caused him to say: Never! But Why! Running away and…

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