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A chessboard has many pieces each one moving in its own path or direction. Pawns can move forward while others can move diagonally, side to side or even backwards. Champion chess players know how to manipulate their opponents into thinking that they just might win. But, most know the game really well and use the board, the pieces and the moves to overtake the one piece that no one wants to lose: THE KING! End of Game! Authors Catherine Coulter and J.T. Ellison create their specific moves in the title of each chapter. A true master will understand the strategies and will make sure that they follow the path to the win. Each chapter of this complex novel places the players in a vulnerable position as the authors create moves on a chessboard leading to the win for one opponent at the end.
Gold coins are the primary weapons within…

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A Ghostly Murder: Tonya Kappes

Emma Lee Raines has an extra talent or maybe you won’t agree: Some think she is going crazy as the owner and proprietor of Eternal Slumber Funeral Home often seen talking to what appears as herself when in reality it is a deceased person. Now, you might ask just how is this possible. Well! It’s really simple! If someone that is no longer a part of this world happens to feel that he/she was murdered they embark on a simple quest to make themselves visible to you guessed it: Emma Lee Raines hoping that she will find the killer and help them to the other side. But, first she needs to learn the facts, find the evidence and hunt down the person who is responsible for making this person what she called the Betweener. Mamie Sue Preston left a million dollars to her church but…

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