Forgiving Mariela Camacho

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Forgiving Mariela Camacho

Creating a better life and hoping to gain their freedom many leave their home countries. Within these groups of people are different cultures many ethic groups. How some go about it is the center of this novel. Each person’s life within the pages of this multi-cultural novel spans many decades and generations. The voices are different. The languages and customs many but the goals ultimately the same. Z

Life brings many changes and people into our lives, harts and minds. Sometimes those people remain with us forever and other times circumstances arise that rip them form our lives but never from our hearts and minds. Tolya Kuchenko and Pete Gonzalvez walked into a crime scene that would haunt them both forever. Relationships, friendships and pasts that some would rather keep hidden are now brought out and spotlighted. As both detectives walk into the room with the victim…

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