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Doris McCurry: Hypocrites

One evening would change the life of Dinah Carter forever. Attending an event at City Hall that she meets Anthony Farese the owner of a lucrative construction company. Taken with her even before he hears her voice or says hello, he is determined at all costs to make Dinah his. Dealing with an inattentive husband claiming to be sidetracked and concerned about work and projects that he has in the works, Dinah finds herself not only attracted to Anthony but also flattered by his compliments and attention. Little did Dinah know that from that point on her life would be different, someone would orchestrate her comings and goings and one man would leave her lift and another attempt to control it. Hypocrites: Doris McCurry: After reading this novel you will understand how people who pretend to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs or live by their principles…

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