Goodbye Russian: Hello America

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Goodbye Russia: Hello America Janet Kleinman

Coming to America Ida’s sons assimilate into the culture much too fast for their mother. Dealing with the mores of the times, forgetting their Jewish background and not always there for Sabbath observance, her young sons enter a world of fast women, burlesque and parties. Goodbye Russia is a heartfelt, heartbreaking story of a family torn apart by war, custom and two young men who fled tradition, broke off their ties with their family, and where a mother refused to accept the choices of her sons. Louis falling in love with Esther who Ida found unacceptable and even though he married her she wanted no part of this young woman. Wanting someone else for her son, she pushes aside her daughter in law, insults her son Nathan’s wife and might find herself living in a world all alone.

The Sidowitz family needs to adjust…

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Divine Apocalypse: The Beginning of the End: Lavon Gittens

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Divine Apocalypse: The Beginning of the End: Lavon Gittens

Four young people thrown together by fate or is it just because they have special powers bestowed upon them that they never knew they had. Four angels that have been ordered to take down the Four Horsemen before the world comes to an end. One is a reporter, one a model who is quite vain, another and artist the fourth a bipolar blonde. Neil the reporter and journalist are about to become father. Dealing with this is difficult enough no less having super powers. A newly ordained you might say Sacred Angel he is now forced to work with Aurora and vain, smart and self-absorbed model that lets readers know appearances matter. Amanda the bipolar blonde and Ezekiel, an artist who is self-conscious. Together all four form the Descended Radiance: the fist of God and are mentored and trained by believe…

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A Grand Murder: Dave Vizard

Sometimes even hit men or women make a mistake and they take out the wrong mark. Charlie Marx finds herself in s serious fix when she kills or shall I say throws Adam Townsend over the railing of the Grand Manor Hotel and he winds up dead on the porch. Poor Adam just wanted to have some fun with his new girlfriend and his friend Zeke not only funded the night for him, gave him his credit information but allowed him to have carte blanche for the night. So, just why did Charlie mistake him for Zeke? Why didn’t she realize she had the wrong person? Well fret not! She will find a way to correct her mistake, get paid the big bucks and she hopes not get caught.

This murder took place in a small town and Nick Steele is a reporter with a…

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Old Days and New Ways

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Old Days and New Ways: Michael Emery

For those people who have retired because of their age or they just want to spend time doing something new and exciting you will definitely identify with this story. What happens when you are forced to retire because of your age, phased out, budget cuts or just plain laid off and you are not ready to call it in? What happens when after 27 years you have no idea where your life is going or what you want to do? As the days inch by and get closer to your final day of work just how do you feel and what emotions does it evoke?

John Ross is about to walk out of the newsroom of the Post Chronicle for the last time. Having mixed feelings, cleaning out desk and removing pictures from the wall, he not only leaves blank spaces but ones…

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Brood X

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Brood X: Michael Phillip Cash

Living in a small town can be fun and cozy but what happens when you are invaded not by Martians, aliens or family but by giant cicadas that are uncontrollable, dangerous, and deadly and have decided to overrun your life and your community? What happens when there is no food, gas shortages, batteries are no longer available, phone service is cut off and your life reverts back to the dark ages before any modern conveniences were available? Meet Seth and Lara, Marni and Dom four friends whose lives have taken a serious downward turn. Seth lost his job and Lara teaches school but is having a child. Marni and Dom are down on their luck since he lost his job and they need a place to stay. Four friends that were close friends until this happened. The newscasters broadcast that there will be a serious…

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Fran Orenstein: The Mystery of the Green Goblin

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Mystery of the Green Goblin: Fran Orenstein

Events happen for a reason. Sometimes things or people come into your life and you have no idea why. Alexander Cooper is an average kid that loves having fun just like anyone else. But, Alexander has trouble making good friends and finds himself hanging out with two kids in his school known as Trash and Mungo. Halloween is coming up and you know how kids love to play pranks on adults and other kids. But, what happens when trick or mischief night turns deadly as someone dressed in a green goblin costume decides to take matters into his/her hands and the end result is deadly?

Alexander Cooper is 11 and hates math. Well, lots of kids hate math but some have a really good reason. Alexander has a teacher that he and everyone else calls THE WORM! His real name is Mr. Wormhead…

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Two novels in one

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Within this novel there are two plots. One that takes place in the present, which centers on a man named Hugh McPherson who loses his 11-year-old twins. Could a serious riptide have washed away their bodies? Leaving them to be with his girlfriend would cost him a lot. But, Hugh faces another crisis as his Japanese wife, Setsuko, no longer wants anything to do with him as a result of the death of their sons and returns home to live with her father in Japan. Kazuki Ono is her father and he is currently penning a novel that mirrors what might have happened to his sons. Dealing with both incidents Hugh decides to swim out to sea and drown himself. But, something stops him as a vision of his sons comes to pass or light holding the final letter Hugh sent to his ex-wife asking that she…

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The Devil’s Pawn

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The Devil’s Pawn: Marilyn Levinson

A pawn is the piece of lowest value in a game of chess. Pawns are manipulated and used by others in order to carry out their wishes. Pawns often have no choice but to follow the orders of someone who claims to care about them but does not. Taking advantage of these innocent people that are not always naïve but have no choice but to comply with their wishes is the main focal point of this chilling, spellbinding and frightening plot of The Devil’s Pawn by award winning and outstanding author: Marilyn Levinson.

Families are supposed to nurture and take care of their children. Some are closer than others. Simon Porte/Davenport is fifteen years old, smart, astute and has a keen sense of right and wrong. Even more he has powers that allow him to hear what other’s are thinking, see things that most would…

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Chicken Caesar Salad for the Gay Soul

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Chicken Caesar Salad for the Gay Soul: La’Von Gittens

How would you define who you are? A person is defined as a human being, whether an adult or child yet females and males are definitely different. If you look in a mirror and really look past your image what do you see? Who do you see? When people focus on you does they just see your outer image or do they really see you and who you are?

There are many young men and women that feel like they are not part of anything or any one group. Some feel isolated and others just prefer to be alone. Why? When you think about it there might be reasons that society places restrictions, rules and definitions of their own as to what they think people should be, how they should act and even whom they should marry or be close to…

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Wedding in Orange Blossom Inn

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A Wedding at Orange Blossom Inn

Shelley Shephard Gray

Customs are made to be followed and in the Amish way of thinking when a woman becomes a widow she is supposed to remain faithful to her spouse forever. But, what happens when one beagle named Frankie decides to take matters into his own hands, ruins the pizza that another family has ordered and starts a chain of events that will either make you want to put him in the corner, give him tons of treats or just plain smile. What happens when the mother of three young girls meets the father of three boys? Could it be fate or pizza that brought them together? Emma Keim is brokenhearted after losing her husband Sanford. Jay Hilty decided to move to Pinecraft and start an organic farm business. What could they have in common and would they ever be more than friends?

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