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The story takes place in 2022 and the information highway and access to data has greatly changed. The world is not the same and the government scrutinizes everything you look at, all of your search engines and decides if you are going against what you have been given access. Within this world there are many who feel that we are abusing our planet and depleting our resources. Within this book you will meet many different people whose ideologies and outlook will conflict as this eco-fiction series takes off with a murder geared at waking up the public to what this organization called CURE feels needs to be addressed as one man is killed and others will follow. Are you abusing the planet and do we need to take action? What about the future of our planet and our children?

Meet the people of CURE and learn more about the organization…

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SEE ME: Nicholas Sparks

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Family backgrounds and pasts are often part of what sometimes can make or break a relationship. Just how far does honesty go and just how much should someone reveal about their past without causing the person they are telling to be alarmed. Romeo and Juliet were star crossed lovers perhaps Colin and Maria are the same. Colin Hancock is smart, wise and yet constantly in trouble with the law. Arrested numerous times, losing his temper and finding himself as person of interest all too often he never expects that meeting Maria Sanchez would change his life. Maria was born to Mexican immigrants, is a lawyer and works for a prestigious law firm. Colin is a bartender and takes classes in Martial Arts in order to enter MMA fights. Two young people from different worlds can they become one? Even trying to live out his passion for…

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