Wedding in Orange Blossom Inn

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A Wedding at Orange Blossom Inn

Shelley Shephard Gray

Customs are made to be followed and in the Amish way of thinking when a woman becomes a widow she is supposed to remain faithful to her spouse forever. But, what happens when one beagle named Frankie decides to take matters into his own hands, ruins the pizza that another family has ordered and starts a chain of events that will either make you want to put him in the corner, give him tons of treats or just plain smile. What happens when the mother of three young girls meets the father of three boys? Could it be fate or pizza that brought them together? Emma Keim is brokenhearted after losing her husband Sanford. Jay Hilty decided to move to Pinecraft and start an organic farm business. What could they have in common and would they ever be more than friends?

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Strong Light of Day: Jon Land

What would happen if our food supply was contaminated and we were forced to be at the mercy of another country? What would happen if scientists and biotech companies developed a powerful weapon in the war against pets. Wouldn’t that be great if they could discover a way to kill insects and pathogens by disabling their genes? Within the novel Strong Light of Day someone does exactly that hoping to create a chemical pesticide that would kill harmful insects and protect those that are not.

Enter Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong whose primary goal when we meet her within the first pages of this novel is to take down a cattle rustler who claims that someone or something picked his cattle clean. But what and how? As we take a trip back in time and meet Boone Masters and Jim Strong who form an unholy…

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