Brood X

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Brood X: Michael Phillip Cash

Living in a small town can be fun and cozy but what happens when you are invaded not by Martians, aliens or family but by giant cicadas that are uncontrollable, dangerous, and deadly and have decided to overrun your life and your community? What happens when there is no food, gas shortages, batteries are no longer available, phone service is cut off and your life reverts back to the dark ages before any modern conveniences were available? Meet Seth and Lara, Marni and Dom four friends whose lives have taken a serious downward turn. Seth lost his job and Lara teaches school but is having a child. Marni and Dom are down on their luck since he lost his job and they need a place to stay. Four friends that were close friends until this happened. The newscasters broadcast that there will be a serious…

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Fran Orenstein: The Mystery of the Green Goblin

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Mystery of the Green Goblin: Fran Orenstein

Events happen for a reason. Sometimes things or people come into your life and you have no idea why. Alexander Cooper is an average kid that loves having fun just like anyone else. But, Alexander has trouble making good friends and finds himself hanging out with two kids in his school known as Trash and Mungo. Halloween is coming up and you know how kids love to play pranks on adults and other kids. But, what happens when trick or mischief night turns deadly as someone dressed in a green goblin costume decides to take matters into his/her hands and the end result is deadly?

Alexander Cooper is 11 and hates math. Well, lots of kids hate math but some have a really good reason. Alexander has a teacher that he and everyone else calls THE WORM! His real name is Mr. Wormhead…

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