Goodbye Russian: Hello America

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Goodbye Russia: Hello America Janet Kleinman

Coming to America Ida’s sons assimilate into the culture much too fast for their mother. Dealing with the mores of the times, forgetting their Jewish background and not always there for Sabbath observance, her young sons enter a world of fast women, burlesque and parties. Goodbye Russia is a heartfelt, heartbreaking story of a family torn apart by war, custom and two young men who fled tradition, broke off their ties with their family, and where a mother refused to accept the choices of her sons. Louis falling in love with Esther who Ida found unacceptable and even though he married her she wanted no part of this young woman. Wanting someone else for her son, she pushes aside her daughter in law, insults her son Nathan’s wife and might find herself living in a world all alone.

The Sidowitz family needs to adjust…

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