Fern Valley

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Fern Valley: Aileen Stewart

In a world where both children and adults need to understand and learn lessons from each other in Fern Valley author Aileen Stewart comes across with both. Although the characters are different types of farm animals, she proves that pigs, turkeys, chickens and many others can get along and become friends. It begins with Mildred and Roberta Cornstalk whose grandparents are now in heaven and they want to do something to honor their memory. How about a tea party using Grandma’s special china and how about inviting their friends to join them in a special place that their mother provided for them. Join The Club, but remember your manners and the proper way to drink tea eat those special treats along with Roberta, Mildred and their two special friends.

The Brothers is hilarious as Edward Cornstalk meets the brothers of one of his sister’s friends and…

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The Lost Codex

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The Lost Codex: Alan Jacobson

The Dead Sea Scrolls are at the heart of this historical fiction novel. When Aaron Uziel learns about the missing manuscripts he asks to be part of those trying to uncover them. Half the manuscript goes missing while being sent from Syria and when other manuscripts are found they are later stolen. With the Vatican keeping what was found under lock and key and when Uziel learns the history behind a manuscript that was uncovered the course of history just might be changed. From the foothills of the Dead Sea where the ancient scroll is found and stolen to 60 years later these manuscripts and parchments stand at the heart of what has been unleashed when a terrorist attack on US soil takes place and we are under attack what recourse does the President have and why would he want to keep the attack silent?…

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