Cooking in Fern Valley

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Cooking in Fern Valley: Aileen Stewart

Within this book are some amazing recipes. Of course since I have no idea what knobs go with what on a stove I am going to have to hire a baker to prepare these delicious treats or maybe just a chef. So, maybe Roberta and Mildred will send me a case of their applesauce cupcakes with cream cheese frosting or perhaps if I write to Mrs. Cornstalk she might send me some of her Cheesy Potato Soup. There are quite a few great recipes that someone who knows what a stove is used for and can create these masterpieces can make and then send some to me. But, first, let’s talk about the creative stories and lessons learned within the pages of this third edition of the Fern Valley Series.

Kimmy Curlytail is a sweet little pig that is thought, kind and always considers…

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