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The Innkeeper’s Dog: Deborah Bence Boerema

Everyone wants to feel important, needed, special and most of all loved. Thaniel the Spaniel is a precious dog that lives in a stable located behind an inn in Bethlehem. But, Thaniel is special in his own way yet feels conflicted as he hears stories from the other animals living within the stable about a special baby or child born that they witnessed but he did not. Imagine being there when Jesus was born. Living there with his mother, a sheep, donkey, a red cow and doves, Thaniel felt crowded, cramped and often wanted something more. Talking to himself he lets readers know that he does appreciate what he has like the food or scraps he gets from the innkeeper’s table, the roof over his head and having a mother who loves him. But, Thaneil has been listening to the other animals talk about…

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