Surrounded by Enemies

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What if the truth behind the assassination of JFK was not what everyone read in the papers? What if he never died in the attempt to ambush him in Dealey Plaza? What if the world sees the situation through different eyes and the perspective is actually accounted by JFK himself? What if what you thought you saw was not what really happened as author Bryce Zabel presents a story filled with twists, turns and surprises that will make everyone wonder just what really happened? What would have happened if Kennedy lived and found himself under fire and trying to figure out who was behind the attempt to kill him? Listen as you hear his voice, understand his viewpoints, how the Warren Commission was created to investigate the incident and the President finds himself and his office under fire. Scandals, wars, the country coming apart and the direction of the world…

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Etched in Lies

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Etched in Lies (by A. M. Hughes)

Imagine feeling every lie that someone tells. Imagine it causing you pain in such a way that your whole body will shake and shiver but you have no idea what is happening to you or why. A simple paper cut could multiply each time you hear a painful lie. Dylan Lord learns through many lessons that are difficult for her to understand that her life as she knows it is one big lie. Every time she speaks of hears a lie the pain will increase and the blood will flow from wherever the cuts originate. But, things start to take a different turn in school as she cannot focus at times, hears others talking about her and a young teen named Jack will uncover a hidden truth for her that will change it all. Each time Dylan feels the pain and the lies…

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