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The Innkeeper’s Dog: Deborah Bence Boerema

Everyone wants to feel important, needed, special and most of all loved. Thaniel the Spaniel is a precious dog that lives in a stable located behind an inn in Bethlehem. But, Thaniel is special in his own way yet feels conflicted as he hears stories from the other animals living within the stable about a special baby or child born that they witnessed but he did not. Imagine being there when Jesus was born. Living there with his mother, a sheep, donkey, a red cow and doves, Thaniel felt crowded, cramped and often wanted something more. Talking to himself he lets readers know that he does appreciate what he has like the food or scraps he gets from the innkeeper’s table, the roof over his head and having a mother who loves him. But, Thaneil has been listening to the other animals talk about…

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Digby’s Hollywood

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Digby’s Hollywood: Thomas Fuchs

Sometimes an incident can change your entire life. Imagine getting washed up on a private beach and being found by a rich business mogul that runs a movie studio in Hollywood. Questioned by the family that found you and yet taken home by chauffeured limo, you are treated royally but offered a job at the studio. Roger Digby’s life changed for the better that day as he decided to give up his job as a gas station attendant and take on one as a studio cop. But, life working at this studio would be anything but boring or mundane. Meeting the head of his department named Lou they would form a bond along with the driver named Kenny until something would change. Driving drunken writers home when they needed a lift. A young actress pretending to need a ride and dragging him all over LA in…

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Spotlight: Gala’s Gift

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Gaia’s Gift

Author: Fran Orenstein

Isolation and a life all alone without the frills or any type of human communications was the solution Rachel Wells decided for herself as life or fate took away all that mattered to her. When her entire universe sank within the depths of a roaring sea and a storm raged so fiercely that only she survived as Rachel Wells died a slow death in her heart and mind. A storm so fierce she could not control its wrath as her young daughter Emma and her husband Jack vanished into the blackness of the deep sea. Reality set in but only in spurts as Rachel Wells withdrew from life, her friends and herself into a tragic pale specter and shell of a woman so deeply haunted by her own fears, angered at her own survival and consumed with hate for those who had not lost what…

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Cooking in Fern Valley

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Cooking in Fern Valley: Aileen Stewart

Within this book are some amazing recipes. Of course since I have no idea what knobs go with what on a stove I am going to have to hire a baker to prepare these delicious treats or maybe just a chef. So, maybe Roberta and Mildred will send me a case of their applesauce cupcakes with cream cheese frosting or perhaps if I write to Mrs. Cornstalk she might send me some of her Cheesy Potato Soup. There are quite a few great recipes that someone who knows what a stove is used for and can create these masterpieces can make and then send some to me. But, first, let’s talk about the creative stories and lessons learned within the pages of this third edition of the Fern Valley Series.

Kimmy Curlytail is a sweet little pig that is thought, kind and always considers…

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Fat Girls from Outer Space

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Fat Girls From Outer Space

Fran Orenstein

Sometimes kids can be really mean. Bullying, name calling, envious or just place jealous for no specific reason. Freddy is a smart with a lot of friends yet she is not happy with who she is an at times feels invisible. Thinking that her appearance is anything but pretty, overweight and not realizing that everything is not outer appearance or looks, Freddy fails to see what others see her mirror.

School can be trying at time for middle school girls when faced with friends that seem fair-weather, or just going shopping and hearing the sales girls say that maybe you and your mother should go to the plus size department, can really get a young kids spirit down.

Boys can be really insulting at times and when Freddy and her friends attend a soccer game and are insulted by some of the boys…

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Fern Valley

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Fern Valley: Aileen Stewart

In a world where both children and adults need to understand and learn lessons from each other in Fern Valley author Aileen Stewart comes across with both. Although the characters are different types of farm animals, she proves that pigs, turkeys, chickens and many others can get along and become friends. It begins with Mildred and Roberta Cornstalk whose grandparents are now in heaven and they want to do something to honor their memory. How about a tea party using Grandma’s special china and how about inviting their friends to join them in a special place that their mother provided for them. Join The Club, but remember your manners and the proper way to drink tea eat those special treats along with Roberta, Mildred and their two special friends.

The Brothers is hilarious as Edward Cornstalk meets the brothers of one of his sister’s friends and…

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The Lost Codex

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The Lost Codex: Alan Jacobson

The Dead Sea Scrolls are at the heart of this historical fiction novel. When Aaron Uziel learns about the missing manuscripts he asks to be part of those trying to uncover them. Half the manuscript goes missing while being sent from Syria and when other manuscripts are found they are later stolen. With the Vatican keeping what was found under lock and key and when Uziel learns the history behind a manuscript that was uncovered the course of history just might be changed. From the foothills of the Dead Sea where the ancient scroll is found and stolen to 60 years later these manuscripts and parchments stand at the heart of what has been unleashed when a terrorist attack on US soil takes place and we are under attack what recourse does the President have and why would he want to keep the attack silent?…

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