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A Cold Creek Christmas Surprise: RaeAnne Thayne

A simple misunderstanding can go along way to change the complexion of a situation. A young woman comes Ridge Bowman’s door hoping to present Ridge with something that would link his past to the present. Ridge Bowman, single father has become immune to romance or the need to find love. Work and his daughter Destry provide all the solace and joy he needs. But, when Sarah Whitemore turns up his world turns upside down, inside out and will never be the same. His sister’s wedding having taken place and needing someone to clean his ranch from top to bottom he wrongly assumes that Sarah is the cleaning woman sent by the agency he phoned for help. But, assumptions and first impressions are not always what they seem and the person in this case is definitely not a cleaning woman, but Ridge never gives…

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Never in Ink

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Never In Ink: Marilyn Jax

A handshake or your word was good enough to close a deal in the past. There was no need for contracts, papers being notarized or any other legal document. Two business people with one handshake closed a deal. Antonio Dinetto watched his father close many deals and followed suit when he grew older. Never wavering from the old tradition, making millions in his pursuits, he became ruthless, hardnosed and quite wealthy. Although on the outside he seemed confident, self-assured and self-made within his own self-conscience he was insecure. When his father when he was younger decided to move his family to America he and his brother and sister were devastated. One would take his own life while the rest of his family would eventually perish in an accident leaving him alone and orphaned. Coldhearted, mean and dangerous he built his own empire and learned to…

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Holly Dorren can’t breathe. Think. Feel. Her cousin is dead. Nothing will bring him back. And nothing will ever make her whole again.In the days following Larry’s funeral, Holly begins to reflect on the childhood they shared. She looks for answers in both the past and the present, convinced that understanding his fascination with death might omehow allow her to cope with his absence. She doesn’t want to disappear, but lready she’s fading away from the life she’s led.Holly knew her cousin better than anyone, she was his best friend, and yet there is still a great deal she cannot accept in their relationship. In him. In herself. She doesn’t know how to move on without him, but refusing to accept his death carries it’s own devastating price.


We were in a car accident as children. I was eight at…

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Prescription for Disaster

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Prescription for Disaster: John Avanzato

Sometimes prescriptions are written for medication to help a patient get over an illness or to prevent one from reoccurring. It can also be an action of establishing a rule, law or direction that a group or person can create in order to have some type of structure. Something that is written or prescribed as a rule, direction or for living a moral life can be deemed a prescription. But, Dr. John Cesari, gastroenterologist, has his own definition of this word, redefines it in every situation he encounter as he give new meaning to the words prescriptions and a whole other definition of disaster.

As a gastro man one of his primary goals is to perform colonoscopies, which I can tell you are no fun but necessary when needed. But, what happens when the patients that are slated for this test have more to hide…

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Ice on Fire: Dan Stone

Sometimes life can be very different from what we hoped and expect. At other times we learn that someone in our lives can help us find that we really are or want to be. Colm and Aidan are truly meant for each other but before they can learn that their destiny might be a one, there are many lessons to be learned and many unexpected directions and obstacles in their way. From the author of The Rest of Our Lives comes Ice On Fire. Colm and Aidan are elemental witches each having specific powers the opposite of the other. One can create a frost, ice storm or even freeze an entire town, scene or moment and turn it into something beautiful but cold. Whereas the other can light up a room, create an inferno or even a fire so tense it would take more than…

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Revenge Unleashed

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Revenge Unleashed: Stephen Schwertley

Thirteen young people have teamed together to take down the United States. A plot so diabolical and dangerous that it took years to create and moments to unfold. But, the hatred runs far deeper as nine are killed and four survive. Just how would they create more havoc for the United States and get their just revenge on us for killing friends? It all started when an IMAN was concerned about his grandson and enlisted the help of some US government officials and a prominent Mossad agent. What happens set off a chain of events as the Iman realizes that his grandson engineered a plot to take down

the United States. Plane that was sabotaged, people killed and there lies the basis for the latest Revenge that these terrorists want unleashed as companies are formed, Drones are produced and more deaths are imminent as author Stephen…

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Ark: Beneath John Heldon

Can you relive your past in the present with the help of some interesting ghosts? What would happen if you came face to face with the members of a basketball team, long gone in body but not in spirit as you take a journey back in time and relive the games played in the old gym where you watched so many games called The Ark. Entering the gym, the door unlocked what our narrator encounters would shake the inner core of many but not John. Chance encounters happen when you least expect them too. Meeting a man named Calvin, talking about writing and finding his way to his old campus sends him on a dream trip that would change more than just his life in the present but those he encounters in the past. Some people retire and move away to a retirement village. Some decide…

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Pictures in Verse

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Pictures in Verse: Frances Redmond

Poetry is subjective to the individual interpretation of the reader. Each person takes away his or her own special definitions, meaning and understanding of what the poet is trying to convey. Messages are definitely transmitted through each stanza whether the poems rhyme or are blank verse. The poems within this collection send out different messages whether the author takes on a journey to different places, events or defines a specific word. Pictures in Verse is unique in that author Frances Redmond provides several illustrations at the end of the book which help readers better understand several of the poems and see if you the reader pictured the event, incident or place in your own mind. As you read each poem close your eyes and visualize and form mental image of what the author is saying.

To Be Precise: defined as being marked by exactness and…

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