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Ark: Beneath John Heldon

Can you relive your past in the present with the help of some interesting ghosts? What would happen if you came face to face with the members of a basketball team, long gone in body but not in spirit as you take a journey back in time and relive the games played in the old gym where you watched so many games called The Ark. Entering the gym, the door unlocked what our narrator encounters would shake the inner core of many but not John. Chance encounters happen when you least expect them too. Meeting a man named Calvin, talking about writing and finding his way to his old campus sends him on a dream trip that would change more than just his life in the present but those he encounters in the past. Some people retire and move away to a retirement village. Some decide…

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Pictures in Verse

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Pictures in Verse: Frances Redmond

Poetry is subjective to the individual interpretation of the reader. Each person takes away his or her own special definitions, meaning and understanding of what the poet is trying to convey. Messages are definitely transmitted through each stanza whether the poems rhyme or are blank verse. The poems within this collection send out different messages whether the author takes on a journey to different places, events or defines a specific word. Pictures in Verse is unique in that author Frances Redmond provides several illustrations at the end of the book which help readers better understand several of the poems and see if you the reader pictured the event, incident or place in your own mind. As you read each poem close your eyes and visualize and form mental image of what the author is saying.

To Be Precise: defined as being marked by exactness and…

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