Revenge Unleashed

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Revenge Unleashed: Stephen Schwertley

Thirteen young people have teamed together to take down the United States. A plot so diabolical and dangerous that it took years to create and moments to unfold. But, the hatred runs far deeper as nine are killed and four survive. Just how would they create more havoc for the United States and get their just revenge on us for killing friends? It all started when an IMAN was concerned about his grandson and enlisted the help of some US government officials and a prominent Mossad agent. What happens set off a chain of events as the Iman realizes that his grandson engineered a plot to take down

the United States. Plane that was sabotaged, people killed and there lies the basis for the latest Revenge that these terrorists want unleashed as companies are formed, Drones are produced and more deaths are imminent as author Stephen…

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