Prescription for Disaster

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Prescription for Disaster: John Avanzato

Sometimes prescriptions are written for medication to help a patient get over an illness or to prevent one from reoccurring. It can also be an action of establishing a rule, law or direction that a group or person can create in order to have some type of structure. Something that is written or prescribed as a rule, direction or for living a moral life can be deemed a prescription. But, Dr. John Cesari, gastroenterologist, has his own definition of this word, redefines it in every situation he encounter as he give new meaning to the words prescriptions and a whole other definition of disaster.

As a gastro man one of his primary goals is to perform colonoscopies, which I can tell you are no fun but necessary when needed. But, what happens when the patients that are slated for this test have more to hideā€¦

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