Never in Ink

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Never In Ink: Marilyn Jax

A handshake or your word was good enough to close a deal in the past. There was no need for contracts, papers being notarized or any other legal document. Two business people with one handshake closed a deal. Antonio Dinetto watched his father close many deals and followed suit when he grew older. Never wavering from the old tradition, making millions in his pursuits, he became ruthless, hardnosed and quite wealthy. Although on the outside he seemed confident, self-assured and self-made within his own self-conscience he was insecure. When his father when he was younger decided to move his family to America he and his brother and sister were devastated. One would take his own life while the rest of his family would eventually perish in an accident leaving him alone and orphaned. Coldhearted, mean and dangerous he built his own empire and learned to…

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