A Son’s VOW

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An act of carelessness caused the lives of five Amish men in a fire at Charm’s lumber mill. Five lives were lost and the dynamics of the town, the people living in this special place and their relationships were torn apart and severed. Darla Kurtz and Lukas Kinsinger were best friends until this happened. Her father, John Kurtz worked at the lumber mill owned by Lukas’s father who almost lost his life in this fire. But, the town handles things in their own way and Darla gets the brunt of their anger as many accuse her of living her life, taking care of her sisters and brother plus enduring the wrath of Aaron the brother who should have stepped up to care for her family instead of leaving it all to her. Each day of her life she relives the tragedy while working at the post office and receiving visits…

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Roller Babes: Tim Patten

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Roller Babes: Tim Patten

The momentum builds up as the skaters enter the ring and they take their positions. The energy level rises and the adrenaline keeps pumping until the official start of the first race. Beginners have to start somewhere and the rink is not smooth but steep and the amount of laps numerous. Some had to skate for hours and others alternating hours among those that hoped to be chosen for a team. It’s not football, baseball or car racing it is my favorite sport growing up in the Bronx watching the skaters in the armory practice, warm-up and then take their spots: It’s Roller Derby and author Tim Patten brings it back to life honoring the amazing women skaters of the fifties.

Roller Babes features three young girls named Rebecca, Lottie and Elsie Mae each having their own reasons for wanting to leave the Bronx and find…

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A Stranger in My Recliner: My Review

It’s below freezing outside and you are wandering the streets because you have no place to go and no one that care about you or will take you in. The system of services cannot find you because you do not have an address so where are they going to send your checks? Wandering the streets you have one favorite hangout, McDonalds where you and some of your other friends stay until closing time when you have to find a place to sleep outside where you won’t get mugged or injured. But, people walk by you seeing you sitting on the sidewalk, covered with newspapers or a thread-born coat just stares at you and walk the other way. You eyes are clear; your face is alert yet many think you are not mentally stable. No one knows your story nor do they care to…

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Harm: Hugh Fraser

Did you ever want to lock yourself away inside of a room and throw away the key so that nothing and no one can harm you? Would you have want to place yourself within a box, lock it from the outside and have everyone and everything you care about locked within the sides of this box with you? What happens when you life is not your own and many use you for what they think you can do for them? What happens when someone misconstrues your outward appearance for that of a person lacking intelligence? Beauty is just skin deep but intelligence and cunning are deeper. Living in a place where drugs and guns are sold on the street, a mother who drinks her way through the day, two younger siblings to rear and care for and a father who is abusive it is no wonder that…

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Take a Trip to Italy

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If Your Were Me and Lived In Italy

Author Carole Roman and Illustrated by Kelsea Wierenga

Some journeys are taken when you go on a plane, boat or car and others are created in our minds. Within the pages of this book you will take a trip along with this reviewer to a country that many of us have always dreamed about visiting but never have. Get your boarding pass, make sure you check your luggage and join me on our virtual tour of Italy.

When you get off the plane and enter the country remember that if you lived in Italy it would be called The Republic of Italy and it would be found in the southern part of Europe. Often called Stivale or the book because of its shape. Check it out on the globe with our two guides. Living in ancient times this country was the home…

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IT’s All About Choices

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The After House: Michael Phillip Cash

A prologue that sets the stage for a gripping and haunting story that might must keep you awake at night looking to close the blinds and not let the light shine through. Eli Gasper was once the captain of whaling ship and commanded his men with spirit. But, promising his wife that he would be careful and cautious this adventurous man could not ignore the sight that he sees and it cost him his life. An angry whale shows up and he decides to challenge it. He and his crew never saw it coming. But, even death could not keep him silent and his final wishes was for his crew and a young man named Henry to find their way to the After House the weather deck of vessel behind the bridge house or midship section. Whaling was Eli’s whole life but so was…

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Dream Killer: My Review

Dreams do not often come true for kids that come from poor or impoverished communities. Some never get to go to summer camp where others wind up playing in the streets and having to fend off bullets or drug dealers in their communities. But, this book will take kids inside a camp that will give them the opportunity to soar in many ways. Farming, swimming, canoeing and many other outdoor activities are just some of what the counselors and head of the camp provide for these youngsters. Quake Jenson’s outreach legacy was to help these children and give them a positive start in life. Killing in an act of violence his family willed their farm to become Camp Dream Catcher a name that is very fitting. Veronica Townsend is the spearhead, CEO and much more of this camp and will spend endless funds and long hours…

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