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Leo the Pup Who Saved Christmas: Donna Watkins

In a world where everyone is different and has their own unique personality, appearance and demeanor, there are those that often criticize, ridicule and ostracize others for just that reason. All too often you can walk down the street and see someone that looks needy, unkempt or even a different race or nationality and think little of that person. One pup named Leo will teach not only small children, young adults, adults and even those running for public office that judging a book or person by their outer cover does not help you learn to read what is written between the pages.

Misjudging people is not something new or something that will disappear any time soon. In the village of Malakai in the Northern part of Finland a man named K.C. Ryan raises Lapponian dogs (also known as Reindeer Herders). Mr. Ryan…

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