Being Different is Amazing: Read what George learns

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George Goes to Camp: C.S. McDonald / Illustrated by Vickie Froelich

Being unique and different is what makes each of us so special. Imagine walking out in the morning and seeing yourself coming and going. By that I mean everyone is dressed like you and looks like you. What would you do if everyone had the same face, hair color, body and clothes? How would we tell anyone apart? How would we embrace who they are and how would they embrace that you are? Differences are what make you stand out and being different is great. But, George is a horse who disagrees and although he loves to be in the pasture and eat green grass he does not like poor Maxine. You see Maxine is a cow and she according to him looks funny and different. George, the horse does not like different.

Riley comes to Pop-pop’s farm to…

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