History Major:Michael Phillip Cash

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History Major: Michael Phillip Cash

Dreams can bring back repressed memories that we often associate with situations we would rather not remember. Imagine your world, as you know changed into something you will never forget or hope to never experience again. What would happen if you went to a party and got polluted had a fight with your boyfriend who dislikes your friends because of their mean ways and attitude and the next thing you know if waking up with a huge hangover. As you open your eyes and readjust to your surroundings you realize that something is off including the young girl present in your room who is not your roommate or you think is not your roommate. Arrangements are not the same and you are woken up and reminded that class is about to begin but as you learn more about your class, what you are told you…

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A Heart Moving Story

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Grey Pine: T. Lloyd Winetsky

Everyone views the world in his or her own way and sometimes through clear eyes and at other times clouded. Clarity, vision seeing the world and people as imperfect and not meeting his own standards, Phillip Stark falls prey to his own anger, disappointments, regrets and fears. This story is about a young science teacher who somehow loses his way. The story begins with a ride with a cab driver and close friend named Freddy as the author describes the landscape, the beauty of his home called the Ponderosa and the decline within his life as St. Helen’s erupts, takes away the amazing sunshine and leaves in its place, a grey mist, ash and film that not only clouds his thoughts, vision and his emotional atmosphere creating a landscape filled with Grey Pine.

The story centers on Phillip and his relationships with the people where…

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Hope in the Midst of Loss: Beth Weikel

Hope can be defined in many different ways and in different contexts. You can hope to get a good report from a teacher or a doctor’s results. You can hope that a loved one will get well and come home. You can hope that a young son will be safe and come home from his tour in the army. You can hope that there will be peace in the world. How do you deal with hope and not give up your faith when there are many lessons of loss and a year of events as the author relates that will cause anyone to scream, yell, cry, should and feel anger in every fiber of her body.

The “season of loss that her husband, Dave, and I ( in her words) had been walking through with the Lord has brought layer after layer…

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