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When you whole world comes crashing down on you and you life changes and takes you in directions you would never expect what can you do but try and survive. Ludwika Gierz lived a life of fear, hate, prejudice, injustice, and racial tension, ostracized for her beauty and taunted by others for who she was. Polish and living on a small farm where she tended to the animals, cared for your young child and hopes to keep her sister and mother save, the onset of WWII, her efforts although admiral would prove futile. Mothers only want to protect their children and Ludwika although she had a child out of wedlock managed to care for Irena and the people of her small Polish village finally learned to accept her. Based on a real story author Christoph Fischer pens a story that many have lived some have survived but not ever lived…

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If you were me and lived in Italy

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If Your Were Me and Lived In Italy

Author Carole Roman and Illustrated by Kelsea Wierenga

Some journeys are taken when you go on a plane, boat or car and others are created in our minds. Within the pages of this book you will take a trip along with this reviewer to a country that many of us have always dreamed about visiting but never have. Get your boarding pass, make sure you check your luggage and join me on our virtual tour of Italy.

When you get off the plane and enter the country remember that if you lived in Italy it would be called The Republic of Italy and it would be found in the southern part of Europe. Often called Stivale or the book because of its shape. Check it out on the globe with our two guides. Living in ancient times this country was the home…

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