Crossroads: Stories that Everyone Should Read

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Crossroads: Inspiring

Ugandan women face many obstacles in life. They are required to live by tradition, and adhere to their culture. Men are revered and their wives have to kneel when they enter the house — even when they serve their husbands food. The 13 voices heard in this collection are all diverse yet the same. Each one is at a serious turn, or crossroads, in her life and has to find a way to overcome the obstacles that society has placed in her path. The loyalties that they are asked to remember, the traditions imposed on young girls at an early age, the many ways they are taught to please men – all are terrifying. They are caught in a dilemma: Will they stay true to the traditions and country’s cultural history, will they wander and find their own way, or will they find a mix of both? I…

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