Crossroads: Stories that Everyone Should Read

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Crossroads: Inspiring

Ugandan women face many obstacles in life. They are required to live by tradition, and adhere to their culture. Men are revered and their wives have to kneel when they enter the house — even when they serve their husbands food. The 13 voices heard in this collection are all diverse yet the same. Each one is at a serious turn, or crossroads, in her life and has to find a way to overcome the obstacles that society has placed in her path. The loyalties that they are asked to remember, the traditions imposed on young girls at an early age, the many ways they are taught to please men – all are terrifying. They are caught in a dilemma: Will they stay true to the traditions and country’s cultural history, will they wander and find their own way, or will they find a mix of both? I…

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When you whole world comes crashing down on you and you life changes and takes you in directions you would never expect what can you do but try and survive. Ludwika Gierz lived a life of fear, hate, prejudice, injustice, and racial tension, ostracized for her beauty and taunted by others for who she was. Polish and living on a small farm where she tended to the animals, cared for your young child and hopes to keep her sister and mother save, the onset of WWII, her efforts although admiral would prove futile. Mothers only want to protect their children and Ludwika although she had a child out of wedlock managed to care for Irena and the people of her small Polish village finally learned to accept her. Based on a real story author Christoph Fischer pens a story that many have lived some have survived but not ever lived…

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If you were me and lived in Italy

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If Your Were Me and Lived In Italy

Author Carole Roman and Illustrated by Kelsea Wierenga

Some journeys are taken when you go on a plane, boat or car and others are created in our minds. Within the pages of this book you will take a trip along with this reviewer to a country that many of us have always dreamed about visiting but never have. Get your boarding pass, make sure you check your luggage and join me on our virtual tour of Italy.

When you get off the plane and enter the country remember that if you lived in Italy it would be called The Republic of Italy and it would be found in the southern part of Europe. Often called Stivale or the book because of its shape. Check it out on the globe with our two guides. Living in ancient times this country was the home…

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History Major:Michael Phillip Cash

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History Major: Michael Phillip Cash

Dreams can bring back repressed memories that we often associate with situations we would rather not remember. Imagine your world, as you know changed into something you will never forget or hope to never experience again. What would happen if you went to a party and got polluted had a fight with your boyfriend who dislikes your friends because of their mean ways and attitude and the next thing you know if waking up with a huge hangover. As you open your eyes and readjust to your surroundings you realize that something is off including the young girl present in your room who is not your roommate or you think is not your roommate. Arrangements are not the same and you are woken up and reminded that class is about to begin but as you learn more about your class, what you are told you…

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A Heart Moving Story

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Grey Pine: T. Lloyd Winetsky

Everyone views the world in his or her own way and sometimes through clear eyes and at other times clouded. Clarity, vision seeing the world and people as imperfect and not meeting his own standards, Phillip Stark falls prey to his own anger, disappointments, regrets and fears. This story is about a young science teacher who somehow loses his way. The story begins with a ride with a cab driver and close friend named Freddy as the author describes the landscape, the beauty of his home called the Ponderosa and the decline within his life as St. Helen’s erupts, takes away the amazing sunshine and leaves in its place, a grey mist, ash and film that not only clouds his thoughts, vision and his emotional atmosphere creating a landscape filled with Grey Pine.

The story centers on Phillip and his relationships with the people where…

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Hope in the Midst of Loss: Beth Weikel

Hope can be defined in many different ways and in different contexts. You can hope to get a good report from a teacher or a doctor’s results. You can hope that a loved one will get well and come home. You can hope that a young son will be safe and come home from his tour in the army. You can hope that there will be peace in the world. How do you deal with hope and not give up your faith when there are many lessons of loss and a year of events as the author relates that will cause anyone to scream, yell, cry, should and feel anger in every fiber of her body.

The “season of loss that her husband, Dave, and I ( in her words) had been walking through with the Lord has brought layer after layer…

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Into the Dark

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Into the Dark: Cindy McDonald

Creating fear within the mind of others was the goal of one man. Hoping to take what he felt belonged to him might cost someone more than just her life. Dr. Rayne Lee is about to enter what many might think is her own Twilight Zone as a small voice on the phone would bring back memories that haunt her in her dreams and nightmares that keep her afraid to close her eyes. What would happen if someone called you and said they were you daughter who you know was killed? What would you do to find out if your child was still alive? Would you risk your life and everything you have on a chance that it might be true? Within her neck unbeknownst to her Dr. Rayne Lee has a chip that was implanted underneath her skin with information that could destroy the…

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