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Beehives: Mary Coley

Stephen Knapp is enchanted with bees and enjoys protecting them by caring for many different apiaries and making sure that they are in proper order. But, many of us would rather not be near them since their stings do hurt, some are allergic to them and others would rather steer clear. While Jamie Aldrich and Sam Mazie are about to enjoy a vacation in Oklahoma’s Osage Hills State Park, little did they know that their first encounter with the walking trails would bring them smack dab in the middle of a murder that some think was an accident. Stephen is Sam’s cousin and his behavior when he sees his cousin is odd and his manner brash. As the story continues and the ranger requests that they remain for the Sheriff on charge of the investigation what Jamie uncovers on a crumbling wall will rock her world and…

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Past Imperfections

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Past Imperfections: M.A.R. Unger

Within this world there are people who strive for perfection and must find a way to hide any flaws. Within this world some do this by getting plastic surgery, others hide it by not allowing others to see what makes them less than perfect. When someone finds themselves at a crossroads in their career and wants to create another life or pretend that they are no longer alive what happens is a series of events that spirals out of control and the end result will be more than tragic. The novel begins with an unusual encounter when a woman in disguise enters the office of the Foothill Canyon Detective Agency asking for the investigator on call to look into who might be trying to kill her. But, just who is this mysterious person and what are her real motives for wanting to hire our lead character?

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