Violent Crimes: What’s your Definition

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Violent Crimes: Phillip Margolin

Appearances can be deceiving and actions often speak louder than words as attorney Amanda Jaffe takes on two cases that will forever change her life and perspective. One will require that she turn her head at times to the law, to policy and hopefully protect a client that outwardly appears unstable, dangerous and a murderer. The other a young man accused of killing his father, trying to get the public to become aware of the need to protect the environment and a case that will haunt her when the final outcome is reached.

Tom Beatty was in the military and was trained to protect and kill when in danger. In a bar someone starts a fight and the end result the man winds up injured in the hospital and Tom in jail. Enter attorney Amanda Jaffe friends with Tom’s coworker, Christine Larson who works in the…

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