Tessare: A Memoir of Two Summers

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Tessarae: Mathias b. Freeae

Life is fragile at times and all too often we let ourselves fall prey to our own human frailties. Within this memoir the author allows us to take a microscopic look inside his mind, heart, body and inner most thoughts as he opens up his life to readers. If you were to create a mosaic of your life and put the small tiles together you might have hundreds of different scenes that depict who you are. What would happen if you each tile you wrote the date, a word or something that would help others remember you and you to recall the significance of that date or time. The sixties was a highly volatile time period both politically and socially for so many. Woodstock would earmark the changes in culture, music, attitude, exploration and human perspectives on life, authority and work. What would happen if as…

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