Cravings are dangerous: Orchard Grove: Vincent Zandri

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Orchard Grove: Vincent Zandri


Cravings come in many different ways. Some crave chocolate while others like myself vanilla. But, food is not the only thing that people crave and when that craving becomes fixated on another human being we call it an obsession or in this case a moral or mortal flaw that will bring not only one person down but three others too. Adam and Eve were exiled from the Garden of Eden when they ate the forbidden fruit of good and evil. Forbidden fruit does not always refer to the apple, pears or figs that might tempt so many but the indulgence or pleasure that some envision that is considered immoral or illegal. Temptations often win out and the struggle between good and evil creates a fine line that some cross and some find hard to resist. Evil is thought of as the quality of being morally…

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