The Balanced Barometer Relationship: Michael Gabriel

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The Balanced Barometer Relationship

A barometer is an instrument that meteorologists use to determine the pressure of the atmosphere in order to be able to forecast the weather and determine altitude. Imagine having this special instrument, not a physical one but one that is created just for you to understand your relationship with another person, help to foster a better understanding and used to indicate changes and fluctuations in your relationship to create as the title of the book states a balanced relationship barometer. Sharing his own experiences with a failed relationship author Michael Gabriel hopes to make your experience successful. Within the first section of this book he focuses on “ how relationships develop, and how we react to give you some insight and opportunities for reflection.” In the second section he covers the tools and approaches needed to make your relationship successful. Before beginning he created questions at…

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Warm up and join Ellie at the beach

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Ellie’s Best Beach Vacation Ever: Marci and Elle Fair

With the freezing cold weather here and the snow piled up there is no place to go except in front of a warm fireplace. But, since I don’t have one and I really would like to be someplace warm with the hot sun beating down on my face, the air filled birds flying and warm sand under my feet, I decided that I would go along with Elle and Pudgy on their latest adventure to the beach. Since they invited me along I decided that this would be my best change to visit some fun places, see this amazing beach and travel along with my two favorite animal friends. Packing my suitcase while they packed there’s I waited patiently until our travel arrangements were made. Our destination finally in sight you won’t believe what I saw. It was beautiful but before…

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Violent Crimes: What’s your Definition

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Violent Crimes: Phillip Margolin

Appearances can be deceiving and actions often speak louder than words as attorney Amanda Jaffe takes on two cases that will forever change her life and perspective. One will require that she turn her head at times to the law, to policy and hopefully protect a client that outwardly appears unstable, dangerous and a murderer. The other a young man accused of killing his father, trying to get the public to become aware of the need to protect the environment and a case that will haunt her when the final outcome is reached.

Tom Beatty was in the military and was trained to protect and kill when in danger. In a bar someone starts a fight and the end result the man winds up injured in the hospital and Tom in jail. Enter attorney Amanda Jaffe friends with Tom’s coworker, Christine Larson who works in the…

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The Changing Season: Steven Manchester

Actions speak louder than words and often-young adults, teens and even adults to not consider the consequences of the actions when angered, enraged or debating whether to have a conflict with another person. Within this complex novel the author brings to light what happens within a small town community when three teens are about to graduate high school, attend graduation parties and have to deal with their upcoming futures and find it hard to deal with some issues in the present.

Billy, Charlie and Mark are childhood friends and have been through a lot together. Each one hoping for a bright future, each one deliberating it together and on their own. As the last day comes upon them their moods are up, their attitudes positive but something would change. Childhood pranks aside, moments of fun filled days hoping to come but each one of these…

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The Jamie Quinn Mystery Box set Collection

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The Jamie Quinn Mystery Collection: This is a box set

Death by Didgeridoo : Barbara Venkataraman

Jamie Quinn is just starting out as a family lawyer and has not yet gotten her energy level up to start. But, a frantic phone call from her Aunt Peg awakens her lawyer juices when she learns that her cousin Adam has been arrested for murder. Adam has Aspergers and has trouble communicating with other people. Finding him standing over the victim and verbalizing that it’s his fault and he is sorry does not look good for this young man. Added in Jamie does not practice criminal law and the victim is Adam’s music teacher, Spike. As the case progresses we understand why Jamie is often in panic mode and needs the help of other lawyers more proficient in the field. Having Susan’s list of questions does help and dealing with her aunt is…

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The Wolves: Alex Berenson

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The Wolves: Alex Berenson

Creating a deception to convince the President of the United States to invade Iran was the primary purpose of multibillionaire Aaron Duberman but sometimes your every thought and plan appears to be as solid as a icy glacier and at times the sun melts it and the cracks will cause you to fall through. With the impetus to cause the United States into an unnecessary war he claimed that Iran was trying to smuggle some type of weapon into the United States in order to help Israel where Duberman resided.

John Wells is a former CIA agent; connected quite high up in our government and not someone you want to anger. John Wells with the help of his contacts managed to sift through the brick and mortar of this plot and find where the cement or cracks were and foiled the plan before it was too…

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Mistaken Enemy

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Dennis Nehamen: Mistaken Enemy

In every situation that creates conflict there are two sides each having their own opinion and striking their own defense. Each side tells their story, relates their point of view and somewhere in between you might find the truth. People fight, countries battle, wars rage and lives are lost because no one wants to give in to the other and unless one party gets what they want in total no one seems to look for finding common ground with the other side. It does not mean that you have to totally agree with the other side nor does it mean absolute agreement. Common ground is taking down those barriers and boundaries and creating a way to share the ground and mark the fine lines and boundaries with actions that policies that both sides can live with. Countries that have to negotiate in resolving differences should look…

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