Blackout :David Rosenfelt

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Blackout: David Rosenfelt

Memories are precious but what happens when yours no longer exist? Within the realm of his job Doug Brock often encounters many who would like to silence him for good. But, when he is about to adopt a young teen and get married to another cop, his whole world crumbles as someone aiming for him, misses and hits the teen. A life is over, his feelings in turmoil and Doug Brock is no longer the man he was before. Leaving his future wife to fend for herself and deal with her feelings, Doug ventures out to get the man responsible for this young boy’s death. Not everything goes according to plan and when he calls his partner Nate to tell him he thinks he has the man responsible, he too is silenced but in a different way. Blackout: David Rosenfelt: Will the light every shine again?


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